Masonic organizations throughout the United States donate millions of dollars a day to charitable causes. This does not include countless hours of voluntary service work provided as well.

The Masonic fraternity is not a charity, nor was it founded as or currently exists as a charitable organization. That being said, one of the principle tenets of the fraternity is that every Mason is to be attentive to the needs of others.

As charity can be defined as “the voluntary giving of help” many of the activities we engage in have at least in part a charitable component. While our members engage in many acts of individual charity, our unity permits us to undertake larger charitable projects, some of which are highlighted below.



For many years, at our stated meetings, many members donate $7.81 to our academic scholarship fund. Over the years, the principle of this fund has grown to over $200,000. Annually, a portion of the interest & dividends are awarded to local students who are graduating from high school, seek to pursue a baccalaureate degree, and are in need of funds. The scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence, leadership as evidenced by participation in activities and service, and financial need. Since the program’s inception the lodge has awarded more than $60,000 in scholarships. More information and application forms may be found on the SCHOLARSHIP page of this web site.


In 2005, the lodge, led by a formative group of members who were auto enthusiasts, recognized the need for a scholarship program for high school graduates who desired to pursue a technical degree or certification but lacked the funds. The vocational scholarship is principally funded through an annual car show conducted by the lodge. To date over $15,000 in vocational scholarships have been awarded. More information may be found on the SCHOLARSHIP page of this web site.


    For several years, the lodge has paid the tuition to send a young man with tourette’s syndrome to a summer camp where he is in a caring, accepting environment and receives help and support in dealing with his condition.

   Recently, the lodge, in response to an appeal from the Grand Lodge, made a significant donation toward the funds necessary to provide funds for a family with a child in immediate need of a double lung transplant.